Imperial County Assessor's Office

Online Application For Business Property Statements

Electronic filing (e-file) of property statements is available in Imperial County. If you are not already utilizing one of our e-file options, I encourage you to review the information in this letter to learn more about it. Official property statement forms are no longer automatically mailed to businesses.

Business property filers who annually file either an Agricultural Property Statement, Form 571-F or a Business Property Statement, Form 571-L will receive a letter after January 24, 2020 that contains a Business Identification Number (BIN#) which is a unique, private and secure access code that each individual business can use to e-file their annual business property statement. to access the OBPF network Click the following link.

Financial institutions and insurance companies that file Form 571-LA and multi-residential property owners who file Form 571-R will received a letter after February 28, 2020 that contains a Business Identification Number (BIN#).  These businesses can e-file by clicking the SDR/eSDR link to access the California Assessor Association SDR/e-SDR network and view the e-file instructions.

Businesses with multiple locations (recommended for 20 or more) in one or more California counties have the option of filing electronically using the California Assessors Association Standard Data Record (SDR) network.  To access the SDR e-file network, click on the SDR/eSDR link.

This network is designed for businesses that file multiple statements at one time and it has specific programing and software requirements.

For questions related to property statements or for assistance with electronic filing, please call the Assessors’ Business Property information telephone line at (442) 265-8805 or e-mail questions or request to

There are fillable PDF Property Statement forms available on the Assessors’ website.  To access these forms, click on Forms icon, which will take you to the personal property forms.  Once on the forms page you will click on the specific form link which will give you access to the most current version of a California Board of Equalization approved business property form.  Fillable PDF forms can be completed online, printed and either mailed or delivered to the Assessor’s Office.

For those business owners who do not have access to a computer or the internet or who prefer to file a traditional paper form, they are available at the Assessor’s Office, located at 940 W. Main Street, suite 115, El Centro, CA. Business owners can also request that a business property form be mail to them by calling (442) 265-1303.

The filing dates for both e-filers and paper filers are as follows:

  • April 1, 2020: Business property statements are due.

  • May 7, 2020: Final day to file business property statements without a 10% late penalty.

  • May 31, 2020: Last day to amend a timely filed business property statement.